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All these Pen Parts are ready to use.

Shipment fees can be adjusted from 06 EUR for Europe to 08 EUR for World Deliveries.
Some Pen Parts can be treated as 100g Tracked Priority Mail.
It could be different, for each items, Just Ask.

Bayard #1 Nib

Bayard 478 Superstyl

Bayard 648

Bayard Excelsior 560

Bayard Special 8

Bayard Karting

Eric #4 Flex nib

Gold Starry #4 Flex

Iridium Point #3 nib

Monobloc #3 Flex

Pilot Sporty

Warranted #2 Flex

Warranted #4 Soft

Warranted #4

Waterman Commando

Waterman’s #2 Flex

Waterman Torsade